I give you melons


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. An old saying meaning that when life is "sour", turn it into something "sweet" . Kind of doing the best of what you're given and play the cards you're dealt. Better hope life gives you some sugar, too.
When life gives you melons, well, you might be dyslexic. But hey, life can be sweet sometimes too, right? On my blog I want to write about both sweet and sour anecdotes from my life. A life that right now is set in Beijing, China.
See, when I was in High School I studied Natural science combined with music. I also got the opportunity to start studying Chinese, so I did. In my second year of High school my teacher told me about a Chinese Language competition that was going to be held at a University in Stockholm. Me and my 2 friends, Anna and Ia, gladly signed up for the competition. We learned a song, Zhu guang li de mama (Mother in the candle light), that has followed us since, and we rehearsed a play that was about how much fun Chinese is (of course). Both the audience and the judges in the Chinese Bridge competition liked our performance, and so we were awarded first price. All in all we were 6 happy winners; Anna Gross, Ia Hansson, Esther Melinder, Elin Broman, Ingrid Eelde Koivisto and myself.
What we didn't know was our award. Apparently we were all going to move to China! We all won one year of university studies, anywhere in China.
Anna, Ia and I decided to move to Beijing to study at Peking University. Now a year has passed. A year full of Chinese people, Chinses food, music, meeting new people, performing at weird events in Swedish folk costumes, studying until the late hours of the night. But now the three of us are all back in Sweden over the summer. Even though my scholarship has expired, I have decided to go back to Beijing and continue my Chinese studies. I am glad that Anna Gross is coming with me. However, the third Swede, Ia, thought that New York University sounded more interesting... Those MED students. But we are happy for her!
                            Ia, me and Anna after winning Peking Universities Idol competition.
Any ways, so this blog is going to be about my life in China, my life in Sweden, funny quotes from life, some videos from a few of my/our performances and probably a lot of pictures.
See you around,

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Berkemar sr

10 Jul 2012 23:36

Spännande!! Jag väntar på fortsättningen. Lycka till!


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